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Some Frequently Asked Questions By Our Visitors

Question: When installing some themes & Games, this error comes out “certificate expired”, what can i do to install the theme anyway?

If you try to install some of themes or Games and during installation it gives you the error “certificate expired”, please set the date of your phone like to 2006, then install the theme, and when finished installing the theme you can set back the date to 2007. For the moment, this is the solution, sorry but this is a Theme Editor problem about certificates.

Question: Are these themes free?

Yes, all these themes are completly free, and you can download them simply by clicking on the buttons below the preview images, nothing more, nothing less. Just click and download it!

Question: I Have a Silly Question That isn’t Answered Here.

Answer: Contact Desinetwork Or Visit Our Media Adviser’s Orkut Scarpbook and Scrap him.



1. Ashley - April 15, 2008

When installing the nokia N70 tuning pack in the C drive the nokia folder is copied but i can’t the system folder.I always get a prompt that .Can you help me please?

2. ganesh pathak - July 23, 2011

I can’t read marathi mail ,govt. Gr. Also I want to type and edit marathi doc file in my mobile nokia e71

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